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(This game is unfinished, but I felt like sharing what I had so far. Definitely not planning on (completely) abandoning this game though! ouo)

Hit - An action-puzzler about managing circles

Inspired by Die (Ketchuparts)'s Famicart, Hit.

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How to play:
When the game starts, One of your circles will have 1-3 fragments in it. You can manipulate fragments by left clicking on the circle that contains some and right clicking on the destination you wish to deploy the fragments at (if there's enough space). Your cursor will turn red or white depending on if you're holding fragments or not.

Eventually, a circle will flash and beep while its flashing. A flashing circle must be empty along with your number of fragments held before you can activate it with a left click. Doing so will award the circle 1-3 fragments. If a circle is partially filled and it's flashing, you'll lose all the fragments in that circle. If a circle is empty and it's flashing. Any circles orthogonally (up, right, down, left) adjacent will lose all their fragments. If a circle is full and it's flashing, you will be awarded points depending on how high it is. (1st level: 5pts, 2nd level: 10pts , 3rd level: 20pts)

If you fill up the outer or middle arrow with filled red circles, you'll stop the game for a moment and activate a bonus spin where all 3 (or 5) of the circles will spin simultaneously. If they're all filled at the end of the bonus spin, you'll receive the following points: 150pts for small bonus, 550pts for big bonus. If they aren't completely filled, you'll lose all the fragments associated with the spin with no points before gameplay continues. The game ends when the board is empty.

Game created in GameMaker: Studio
Font - Digital 7
Sound Effects - Rytmik Ultimate
Motivation - A Game By Its Cover 2017 Jam (Thank you for holding the game jam, Ludo and Dom! OUO)


Hit (Unfinished agbic version).zip 2 MB

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