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In Disaster Drinks, the player must complete drink orders thrown at them one by one until they can't keep up and everything becomes.. well.. a disaster.

Orders come in many different variations: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Orange, along with ice, carbonation, and sometimes both! Whatever the order may be, customers don't like them to be wrong, nor do they like it when you waste ingredients. Oh, and watch out for those rush hours!


E, Y, O, J, B - Control Dispensers

Enter - Speed up cups on conveyor belts

Esc - Exit from gameplay to menu

I'm very proud of myself with this game, I thought I was too inexperienced for Ludum Dare (Jam) (37) but I've seemed to prove myself wrong. I'll try and polish up the game a bit more whenever I have time to...and when I stop being lazy.

Anyway, I can't wait to do the next Ludum Dare! OUO

Ludum Dare page: here


Disaster 2 MB

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